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Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8 - 9 am

at the HCA In-Person and virtual with Zoom.
Tuesday and Thursday 6 - 7 am only with Zoom

Be part of our unique women group fitness.


Keep Moving

The body achieves what the mind believes.

With our new project “Keep Moving” we would like to encourage you to integrate fitness workouts into your everyday life.

Many daily duties keep us from listening to our bodies and miss the time to intervene early.

BodyFit cannot change your everyday life, but we can become a part of your everyday life.

Just one session a week can do something for your health. Small steps are enough to keep fit again. It is not easy to begin with, but you are not alone.

No matter what level of fitness you come to us with, we suggest a

Hassle Free Workout with the incredible support of the BodyFit family.


BodyFit believes that a free class can do more than exercise.